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Seo Mistakes And How To Correct Them

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5 Seo Mistakes And How To Correct Them

If you want your website to rank on search engines such as Goggle, Yahoo, Bing, etc., you need to educate yourself on SEO strategies. Ideally, you want your website to rank on the first page because that gets the highest percentage of traffic.

Serious traffic is given to sites that hold positions one through five, so of course that should be your goal. Approximately 42% of clicks go to the first ranked site, 12% to the second, 8% to the third, 6% to the fourth, 5% to the fifth and it keeps declining from there.

There are 5 key mistakes that marketers make when optimizing their website. Each mistake is listed with the correct action step.

*Mistake #1 – Keyword Stuffing
A site that is blasted or stuffed with keywords will be overlooked by search engines. For instance, Google prefers sites that add fresh content (your blog) which has new or updated keywords for each post.

Action Step Correction:
When creating your site or blog post, keep your keywords focused and relevant to your content. Take some time to research the keywords properly.

*Mistake #2 -Missing Keywords
Search engines rely heavily on keywords. If your site is missing them, the search engines will miss your site! In addition, as mentioned in Mistake #1, if they are irrelevant, your site is overlooked again!

Action Step Correction:
Make sure your selection of keywords are relevant to your content. Keywords should be in the title. If it makes sense, put them at the front of the title because search engines read left to right. Finally, keywords should be in the first part of your first sentences and lightly sprinkled throughout. Choose 5-10 top keywords for tags.

*Mistake #3 – Missing Description
Search engines also rely on this, so if you are omitting this, your site could be potentially left out. The description is the brief synopsis that is shown with the page rankings.

Action Step Correction:
Add the description with focused keywords. Each piece of content will require a description. If you are using a wordpress blog, this is easily done with All In One SEO Pack.

*Mistake #4 – No SEO Relevancy To Site
If you have not started creating backlinks to your site by using anchor text, search engines will not view your site very relevant for particular keywords. (A backlink is a link to your site from a different site.) In addition, if your content does not include the keywords you are trying to target, your site will not be deemed relevant for the particular keywords.

Action Step Correction:
Use article marketing, social bookmarking, and other methods to create backlinks to your site. This is the most effective when you can use a keyword as anchor text and link it to your site. This can also be done within your own site which is referred to as intralinking. The more backlinks you create, the more relevant your site is perceived by search engines.

Mistake #5- Title Tags
If your title or post of your page is not altered to reflect keywords, search engines will not pay as much attention to your particular page or post.

Action Step Correction:
You have already researched the keywords, use them appropriately in your title tags. When creating a blog post or page, this can be done by editing the permalink to reflect the keyword you are trying to rank for. Title tags are one of the most important factors in search engine optimization.

Avoid the mistakes of SEO such as keyword stuffing, omitting keywords and descriptions, SEO relevancy to site, and title tags. By making the simple corrections listed above, your site will soon be indexed by search engines reaping the rewards of free traffic.


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