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Mobile Website Using WordPress Plugins

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Making A Mobile Website Using WordPress Plugins

Mobile internet. Technology is here. Everybody now has a smart phone to access the web and even more importantly they’re in fact utilizing it to view internet sites online.

I’d think everyone would like to have a mobile enhanced alternative of their blog/website but in the past that’s proved to be a daunting task.

If you were not really an experienced web site coder or if you didn’t have the cash to pay a developer to construct a custom mobile solution for your needs then simply utilizing a cell phone internet site or web log was not a high priority.

This has virtually all changed now, especially for WordPress users. Currently there are quite a few top quality plugins available for the open source blogging service, and the best part is many of them are totally free.

The ‘how’ portion is quite painless. By utilizing one of the plugins listed here, you simply install and then click a couple of buttons. You’ll then have a mobile phone web site!

I deal with 3 widely used, top quality WordPress cellular plugins here below that you should consider:

WP Touch

WPTouch is amongst the more well-known WordPress mobile phone plugins as it is already in use by countless users. The great thing about WP Touch is that it’s quite simple to setup and configure. All you do is upload the plugin, activate it, and then go through a single page of options to configure it how you want.

It looks terrific ‘right out of the box’ once you configure it, you’ll be able to choose which web pages you wish to display and you can add advertisements to it for example Adsense so that you can generate income from your cellular site.

WP Touch is actually the mobile plugin which powers my blog, KennethHolland.com.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

Wapple is a complete option for WordPress mobile users. The big benefit of Wapple is definitely the range of modification which can be done to set up your mobile website. You can include a custom made header and images and also layout your web-site to appear a lot like your regular website.

The downside is it takes a quite a bit of time to set everything up. I have tried it, and truthfully it’s rather a hassle. On the other hand, I am thinking of using it down the road when I have extra time and resources to spend on it. It’s really a top quality plugin.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is yet another top quality plugin. I’ve merely tested it (not used it) but I know a number of website owners that do utilize the plugin and adore it. The plugin is kept up to date regularly to keep pace with bugs and WordPress software updates and that’s important in my opinion.

The only evident obstacle which I’ve been told would be that the styles are tough to customize except if you are savvy with that sort of thing.


You cannot go wrong with any of the above plugins for getting your WordPress weblog mobile friendly. All of them do the job extremely well and each one have different strengths and weaknesses.

You can also find many others on the WordPress.org site and that you might want to look at. They are certainly not the only plugins available so there could possibly be another solution that could be right for you.

In case you’re confused which one is right for your own goals you should look at them all. They’re simple to ramp up and try out. The key here is to choose one and get your mobile optimized blog going. The future is here and the time is now.


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